All work is undertaken on a bespoke basis so telephone or Email to discuss your specific requirements….

In a rehearsal environment, or using existing demos etc., I can assist the artist in optimising song structures, sounds, parts and to identify and focus on the desired result.

Recording / Tracking
I have more than 30 years experience recording all types of electric and acoustic instruments and vocals in all styles from Reggae through to Extreme Metal. I am fluent in all major DAWs and techniques of analogue and digital sound recording.

Mixing is undertaken on a per track basis after client consultation or as part of full production deal.

Mastering is undertaken on a per track basis or as part of full production deal – in the case of the client supplying finished stereo mixes, after a consultation to discuss the possibilities and parameters. I am able to offer digital or analogue mastering or a combination of both if deemed necessary.

Full Production
A full production will include all of the above. Contact me to discuss your project.

Consultation / Coaching
…..on all matters music…recording, equipment, sounds, styles, way forward for your band, planning, recording and production techniques, and much more. Please contact me to discuss how I can assist.

Tape To Digital Transfer
Your old tapes transferred to digital format. Most formats of analogue tape are covered in house.

All projects/requests will be quoted on a bespoke basis so email or telephone to discuss your requirements.